Quotes from Game of Thrones

When I read this article with Game of Thrones quotes recently, I asked myself “What are my favorite moments from GoT show?”. And so, the idea for this post came.


Between the brothels, arranged marriages and rapes, you’d be hard-pressed to find genuine love in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Two of the purest but most unlikely romances were between the half man Tyrion and the prostitute Shae, as well as the bastard Jon Snow and the wildling Ygritte.

Divided by ideology and social standing, but utterly infatuated with each other, these two couples braved death on multiple occasions. While both pairs were destined to end tragically, they found themselves sharing the same line of dialogue to declare their unending love for each other.

  • “I am yours and you are mine.”


This game of thrones quote is a bittersweet reminder that in such a war-torn land true love does exist.


  • “Look to your sins Lord Renly, the night is dark and full of terrors.”

The Lord of lights religion is extreme, to say the least. Between all the human sacrifice, the blood of kings, the burning people alive, or the birthing of shadow monsters. Spreading that gospel is the woman cloaked in red who goes by the name of Melisandre. Originally, she was the right hand woman to Stannis Baratheon, a contender for the Iron Throne, but she’s done what she must to survived while spreading her Lord’s word, especially in terms of the night and the terror found within.

  • “For the night is dark and full of terrors.”


While it may be ominous when she says it, when a fellow red priest Thoros of Myr speaks the same words and proceeds to bring a man back from the dead, we really start to believe in the terror.

  • Burn in hell!
  • He will, but not today.


Apart from the already mentioned article from hoopoequotes, I’ve read several articles on Game of Thrones quotes, like this one. However, they rarely qoute one of my favorite characters.

Who knew that phrase this innocuous could hold such meaning. We’d guessed there was more to simple Hodor, a gentle giant only capable of saying one word, but never expected this.


Bran is observing young Hodor in a vision when the cave he’s hiding in is invaded by wights and White Walkers. To escape, Bran wargs in Hodor from within the vision and his loyal friend fights for the Stark boy to the end. Meanwhile, in the past, young Hodor has a seizure when Bran wargs into him as well. As a result Willis, as he was then known, hears Mira’s instructions to hold the door. A phrase he repeats until one word is all he can say.

Valar morghulis

Of the many languages spoken in the Seven Kingdoms, High Valyrian is definitely one of the rarer ones. While it is an ancient tongue, certain factions such as the Targaryens and the Red Priests are fluent in it.

While it’s beautiful to listen to, there’s one phrase that stands out above all. First uttered by the Faceless man, Jaqen H’ghar, the phrase translates to “All men must die”.

  • If the day comes when you must find me again, just give that coin to any man from Braavos and say these words to him: – Valar morghulis.


A fitting saying for a series like this, it’s followed the character arcs of Daenerys Stormborn on her rise to power and Arya Stark on her journey to Braavos.

One thing’s for sure the saying has become an absolute truth for the series, and in some ways life in general.

If you are interested in more, check out 100+ game of thrones quotes in the video below:

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